If you are one of the many patients who have concerns that your eyes feel dry, look red, burn and water constantly, then you are not alone.

Have you already done most of the things that you can do and have given up?  

Or is the price of the medication is over $200 and you wonder if it is going to work?  (Lotemax ~$200, Restasis ~$432, one month supply according to GoodRx.com)

Going out to buy artificial tears in the pharmacy can be intimidating with so many choices out there.  Which one is best for you?  Will it work?  Is that all you need?

Maybe there is an underlying problem that needs to be diagnosed and treated before those other treatments work.  Come in for enhanced dry eye testing to find out.  Enhanced testing starts at $39.  It is NOT covered by the vision plan and may be billed to your medical insurance, but goes towards the deductible first.  Please call the office to speak to our medical insurance billing coordinator, Lisa for more information.

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